Bush Bounce was an immense success. Swan Love was billed alongside some of London’s most interesting artists and activists, the talent on show was truly inspiring. The Bush has established itself as a nexus for thought provoking entertainment.

Bush Bounce was curated by the fantastic Sabrina Mahfouz and Produced by Sade Banks. Many thanks to The Bush’s visionary new Artistic Director Madani Younis, for his encouragement and advice.

For more information on the other artists involved in Bush Bounce please click here

Company: Jessica Barker-Wren,  John Fitzpatrick, Brian Martin, Danielle Meehan, Lucy Phelps, Gabi Schmidt, Chiara Silvestrin, Tom Ross-Williams, Caitlin Thorburn, Kyle Treslove, Max Wilson, Lucy Wray

Special Appearances: Rikki Beadle Blair, Stuart Mackenzie

Street Dance Choreography: Danielle Meehan

Musical Consultants: Ben Cave, Andrew Spyrou

Director: Tom Ross-Williams

Photography: Ludo Des Cognets


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