When the sun is high, our blood is up,
Flowers in the bower, fruit on the tree.
Sun’s on the pavement, come fill your cup
Raise your spirits to the night’s increase.

Please join Populace wide-eyed and wild to exalt the shortest night and the longest day, taking a look at where we are now and where we want to be in 2013…and then have a party.

summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge

Yesterday by Populace. Performed by Gabriella Schmidt and John Fitzpatrick. Directed by Lucy Wray. Using text from Helena Tornero’s 2012 Theatre Uncut play and footage from the current protests across Turkey, two dancers fight for and defend their roles as lovers, workers, state protectors and protesters. Yesterday was originally conceived in 2012 in response to clashes between British police and anti-cut protesters and devised by Tom Ross-Williams, Gabriella Schmidt and Lucy Wray, and performed as a scratch at the Lyric Hammersmith.

Gabby Best (Winner of Funny Women 2012) Her friend Marijana is based at Chelsea Health and Fitness Club, where she leads an assortment of solstice appropriate ground-breaking yogic-fusion classes.

Seda Yildiz & Deniz Unal – a performance which looks at the civil unrest in Turkey and the tension between police brutality and peaceful protest. Using a live feed to Istanbul and a combination of verbatim & personal experience, Seda and Deniz meditate on the future of a country their families call home.

Sophie Crawford and Hatty Carman
Sing about the moon and Starm’n.
Incase the moon forgets to rise.
we have a tale of her demise.

An extract from a new play by Tom Ross-Williams
Sita and Stephanie share a flat in East London. They think they’ve finally got it all sorted until Sita’s childhood friend from India, Rami, finds himself on their doorstep… A play about quarter-life crises, the instability of race, culture and sexuality for three people who happen to be “brown”. Performed by Dinita Gohil, Sair Khan and Tanmay Dhanania

Susanna Davies-Crook will explore predictive texts

You, Me and the World is a devised piece by Olly Hawes exploring the vastness and tininess of everything; the sheer unbridled abundance of stuff that exists – and what happens we we try to conceive of it; reconciling personal experience with everything else; the way we create meaning in our lives through the construction of narratives; what it is to exist in the moment, what it is to view the past, and how these two things impact of our conception of the future.

Jack Chedburn,  one third of comedy trio Scene Selection, performs pertinent humour on a political theme.

BEACH VIOLENCE +Special Guest. These two (three) provide a combination of astrologically re-examined folk which is, at best, musically and intellectually galvanizing. At worst, musically and intellectually galvanizing. Preen while you can: the crops will fail.

…and then the dancing bit.

fabulous reveller

Unit 15, Vittoria Wharf
10 Stour Road
E3 2NT
Google Map:

Friday 21st June
Time: 8pm till late
£3 on the door

Hackney Wick Overground
Bus no. 8, 26, 276, 388…SEE YOU THERE

solstice police


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