Land of Three Towers

With it roots in the development we did with Emer Mary Morris on our Focus E15 project in 2015, Land of Three Towers is a celebration of the housing struggle and will immerse you in a truly historical and extraordinary moment in the fight for decent housing. It tells the story of the Focus E15 Open House Occupation of empty council houses on Carpenters Estate last September. The cast includes three actors from our Focus E15 project last year: Lotte Rice, Jen Daley and Grace Surrey.

Part of Camden People’s Theatre’s Whose London is it Anyway this exciting performance is an off-site event at Carpenters and Docklands Centre, Stratford, 98 Gibbins Rd, London E15 2HU where the Focus E15 Mothers’ occupation took place.


This playful performance is part of a weekend of rousing workshops and discussions taking place in a community space on Carpenters Estate.

Bring some food, bring your kids, bring your curiosity and bring your fight.

Fri 29 Jan:
Banner Making: 10am-1pm
Know Your Rights: Tenants Workshop 2.30-4pm
Performance: 7pm
Followed by Music from some musicians involved in the Occupation and housing movement.

Sat 30 Jan:

Theatre of the Oppressed workshop (for 14-21 year olds ): 11.30-1.30pm
Afternoon performance: 3pm
Followed by post-show discussion with the Focus E15 Campaign
Open Mic: 6pm

All events are free and non ticketed, but donations are gratefully received and will all go towards the Focus E15 Housing Crisis fund.


For more information:


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